Common Mistakes in IELTS writing

This doctor above had not reached his desired scores many times. But what was clear to us is that HE DOESN’T KNOW WHY HE IS NOT REACHING A BAND SCORE 7 IN WRITING.
This is definitely NOT a unique email. We get hundreds of emails like this all the time!
Do you know why YOU are not reaching a band score 7 in IELTS writing also?
Chances are that you are like most medical professionals who don’t know why they are not getting a 7. This is not your fault. After all, you are a trained doctor/nurse/dentist/pharmacist etc.
You are not a trained English teacher.
Our mission here at Swoosh English is to remove these kinds of negative feelings about common mistakes in IELTS writing. We want to EMPOWER students to know that they have the SKILLS and the support from experts. To tackle this exam with confidence that they can get a 7/7.5+.
We want them to know that they are not alone. They are part of a powerful and close-knit community of motivated students. And IELTS ex-examiners who are all supporting each other to reach success. The end goal is not to pass IELTS, the end goal is for you to be working as a medical professional in the UK. To wake up one day with a huge smile on your face knowing that you are living the life you have dreamed about for so long. Swoosh wants to make that happen FOR YOU!
Let’s continue on from our blog about mistakes 1 and 2 that medical professionals are making that is stopping them from reaching a 7 in writing.

Here are the Common Mistakes in IELTS writing:

Mistakes 3 and 4. Are you making these mistakes? To watch the video on Mistakes 3 and 4 please click here.
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