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I’m asked by other students on how they can practice and prepare for the OET examination. Today, I’ve got a very effective OET listening practice that you can do every single day. To prepare for your OET exam.

When preparing for OET , you don’t need to rely only on sample OET materials. Or other materials out there that is specifically put together for OET. There are hundreds, if not thousands of materials out there that you can use. Such as videos, audio or podcasts and even songs if you run out of materials.

These materials and resources are available to you online very easily. It’s just a case of you opening your mind up to these possibilities and putting in the effort,the time and the energy into finding them. It’s not like 10, 15 or 20 years ago where it was more difficult to find materials. You’ve got YouTube, Apple iPhone app store, Android phones, And you also have all of these amazing resources. You’ve got websites etc, listening materials on mp3s and so on.

Some great resources for you: the BBC, the Guardian website, NBC, CNN – use all these! They’ve got some fantastic recordings even if it’s just a report on something that’s happened in a hospital. You could look for the medical related sections but it can also be non-medically related too – so long as you have got material to practice with..

Now, what I want you to do are these three things and this goes into what I always say: don’t just watch the videos. I want you to actually put these tips into practice because you will be the one who benefits when you get your examination results and you’ve passed. You can then say ‘thank you so much Swoosh English because that that one tip helped me immensely to pass my examination.’

Whenever you’re listening to an audio podcast, or a YouTube recording or whatever it might be don’t watch the video. I just want you to listen to the video so just perhaps close your eyes and have your headphones in – pretend it’s an audio recording only.

I want you to listen and find out the following:

1. What is the purpose of this talk?

It could be a lecture, a consultation; it could be a conversation between people, a medical recording or a non-medical recording. So what is the purpose of this chat? This conversation? I want you to write that down as you’re listening to it.

2. What is the problem that is being discussed?

Problem doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a negative thing but what’s the thing that they’re trying to tackle? There’s usually some kind of some problem/challenge or task that they have to accomplish. What’s the objective of the video?

3. What’s the solution to that problem? What’s the achievement of that task?

You could start with a very short recording that is four to five minutes long or even up to 10 to 15 minutes long and make sure you listen to the whole thing. Just write out those three things and if you keep continuing to do that day by day (and it’s important to be consistent) you will see that your OET listening skills will go through the roof!

Our Swoosh VIP students have tried this before and it was very effective for them so please try it. It’s only 5 to 10 minutes a day and no matter how busy we think we are we all have 5 to 10 minutes a day to try these things. Agree?

I want you to put it into practice these tips above because practice is what will help you to improve – not watching hundreds and hundreds of my videos and just reading my blogs.

Putting the practice in will be the biggest compliment that you can give to our UK OET teachers and I here at Swoosh.

Try different recordings of different accents like the New Zealand accent as well as American, British, Australian and Irish. You should be training your ear for all of these different kinds of accents. I get so many students saying: “my OET listening exam was too fast for me, and I couldn’t understand well”. Probably the reason why you didn’t understand it is that you weren’t doing enough practice day by day in your preparations in listening to all these different kinds of recordings.

In addition, actually writing those three bits of information out: PURPOSE, PROBLEM, SOLUTION will help you immensely.

Put these things into practice and I will tell you that your practice OET listening will begin to improve. If you have any questions, make sure you put them in the message box below!

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I would love to help you pass!

Your OET teacher,


Do you prefer a video of Alex explaining OET listening practice tips? Click on the video below to watch! 



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