Do you lose marks for not completing the OET speaking role play tasks?

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We have been conducting live classes on Facebook and YouTube for a while now. You can also check out when our next FREE class is. And what we noticed from teaching these classes is that a lot of students seemed to be concerned with one particular thing in OET speaking: TASK FULFILMENT! Basically, do we lose marks if we do not complete the speaking role play task?
There are usually 4-5 bullet points in a typical roleplay card. The reality though is that some students may only answer 2-3 of them during the limited time in the real exam. This causes students to worry about whether they will lose marks because of this. Today we are going to address this confusion.
When we look at the OET speaking marking rubric, one of the aspects that is marked upon is overall task fulfilment. Which accounts for 20% of the total score.  However, please note that you won’t lose marks just because you didn’t complete all the bullet points.
Although they will mark you based on whether you fulfilled the task or not. It is more about you demonstrating your English communication skills rather than finishing all the tasks in a rush. With the new OET 2.0 update, it is now written in the guidelines that they should also assess your ‘clinical communication skills’. I will be talking more about this in future blog posts.
The other misunderstanding among students is the interlocutor task. You might be wondering if he/she trying to help you or harm you? Like I said in a previous article, the OET interlocutor is trying to help students throughout the five minutes for each of the two role-plays. The interlocutors look at the role-play cards in detail beforehand to give them a good understanding of the tasks. So the OET interlocutor will help you as much as possible to try and fulfill all of those bullet points. But it does not really matter if you cannot answer all of them. But you should aim to complete all of the bullet points. This is something to practice with your teachers and study partners before you take your exam.
So remember, if you want to get a great B. You don’t necessarily have to cover all the bullet points. Just demonstrate your English communication skills. If you have any questions, make sure you put them in the message box below and I’ll be happy to answer them. If you want to get more OET tips for each sub-test, make sure you go to

18 thoughts on “Do you lose marks for not completing the OET speaking role play tasks?”

      1. Swoosh English Team

        Hi Domonic, many thanks for your comment. Answering your question: The role play is designed to give you a chance to demonstrate your English communication skills, so it’s important to try and speak for the full 5 minutes, otherwise, you might not show the examiner enough evidence of your language ability. Plan to cover all the points on your role play card and think about how you can explain some points in more detail, or ask the patient to clarify something. In this way, you will demonstrate your full range of language skills and be more likely to get a high score.

        If you need help with your exam preparation journey please send us an email at: [email protected] to provide you with all the help and support that you need.

        1. I couldnt complete my writing task…last line of contact for queries and the salutation if yours sincerely is missing??? Will I fail the exam…can I still get grade B???

          1. Swoosh English Team

            Hi Bhumika, Many thanks for contacting Swoosh English. You might lose some points by not closing the letter properly but you can still get a B grade depending on the rest of your letter, please send us an email to [email protected] once you get your scores as we would love to know how it went 🙂

  1. Hello, I have a question please answer me the earliest you can. There are some speaking tasks that are given semi-finished that is, results given in the case. How can you demonstrate relation-building to whom you already saw a few minutes ago, and ordered lab etc?

    1. Hello Swoosh!! BTW you videos helps me a lot. I just want to ask if this rule not finishing all of the bullets is applicable until now? Today is october 30 2022

      1. Swoosh English Team

        Hello! Regarding the bullet points in the role play, the tasks are designed to help you demonstrate your range of English communication skills, so it is recommended to complete them all to meet the assessment criteria fully. You won’t be marked down for not completing some of the bullet points, however, you will likely miss out on an opportunity to gain marks in specific criteria. If you need extra support with your exam preparation please send us an email to [email protected]

  2. Hello I actually didn’t know whether I would pass speaking like I completed half of first role play card and 23rd of 2nd but I got confused although I did communicate can I still get b grade

    1. Hi Wizzy,

      For the OET Speaking role play task, you must initiate and lead the conversation, and you should attempt to finish as many of the task aspects as you can. However, keep in mind that completing the task is not a criterion for evaluation, so don’t become discouraged if you are unable to complete all of the task elements. If at all feasible, you ought to finish the conversation naturally.

      If you need extra support with your exam preparation please send us an email to [email protected]
      You can also watch our videos on:

  3. Hi I have a question please get back to me
    I just finished my oet speaking and I couldn’t conclude both the cards as I expected
    My time was up
    I know conclusion is a criteria and I’m worried I won’t get a b grade now

    1. Swoosh English Team

      Hi Rithy! You will not be marked down if you didn’t complete all the bullet points on the role card. However, the more you cover, the more evidence you can give of your ability to communicate in spoken English. As long as you sufficiently demonstrated your communication skills it could still be possible for you to get a B grade. Let us know if you need any further help.

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