Everything you need to know to pass PTE Speaking: Retell Lecture

PTE academic podcast

In this episode of the Swoosh English PTE Academic Podcast, UK English teachers Scott and Una discuss the PTE Retell Lecture Task within the Speaking section of the PTE exam. They talk about the usual types of recordings you will encounter, introduce templates for fluency practice and give preparation tips that you can apply in your own review.

00:57 What is the PTE Retell Lecture and how is it scored? (Long answer type, scored with content, pronunciation and fluency.) 
03:02 Ensure consistent flow
04:58 Types of recordings (interviews, dialogues, academic lectures, reports) 05:53 Preparing (practice the message, look at the picture)
08:12 Listening (get the gist, take notes on key content words, get supporting details)
12:57 Use templates (The speaker discussed…, The lecturer mentioned…, The speaker referred to the topic of…, The reporter focused on the…)
15:38 Oral fluency (intonation, stress, avoiding hesitations, reformulations) 17:02 Have a comfortable speaking speed and keep it simple 

19:37 Main takeaway: Practice templates in your own time to accurately and fluently recite them

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