How to Master PTE Speaking: Describe Image

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In the debut episode of the Swoosh English PTE Academic Podcast, UK English teachers Scott and Una discuss the Describe Image task.

What is the test all about? How do you score well in it? These are just a couple of topics that will be tackled today. Also provided within this podcast are 3 proven PTE Describe Image tips to help make sure you get high marks on this task.


01:27 What is Describe Image?

03:45 Scoring on the day

06:17 Introductory phrases (This image shows…, This chart highlights…)

08:28 Key features (Second and third sentences talk about trends and relationships)

11:19 Conclusion sentence (Overall…, In conclusion…)

13:09 Tip 1: Keep it simple

15:26 Tip 2: Build task-specific vocabulary (In the middle of…, in the background…, in the corner…)

18:20 Tip 3: Practice fluency (Avoid thought fillers: let me see…, let me think…, give me a moment…)

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