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Live Group Classes

Join interactive classes on all skills with our expert teachers in a time zone that suits you. If you can’t join live, our classes are recorded so you won’t miss a class.

Expert Feedback

With our 7-day-a-week writing correction service, get detailed expert feedback on your IELTS tasks within 24 hours.

Mock Exams

Expert teachers design our mock exams to replicate the IELTS format. Test your skills so you feel confident on exam day.

Practice Materials

Study at your own pace for your IELTS preparation with 4 self-study video courses on all sections to learn the exam format and success strategies.

Extra Support

Our 24/7 support team is at your service for any queries. Get access to community groups with other students and alumni in our comprehensive packages.

One-to-one Classes

Want classes dedicated to you? Our one-to-one classes with expert teachers are the answer to get highly personalised feedback and pass with speed.

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