Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Learn about the super teachers that you’ll deal with on a frequent basis and the hidden talent behind the scenes.

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Meet the Teachers

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Scott | Academic Director

Hi there. My name is Scott and I am the Academic Director here at Swoosh English. You will see my face all over the website as I love to interact with new and current students and assist with your OET, IELTS, and PTE exam queries.

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Una | Academic Director

Hi, I’m Una and I’m one the of the Academic Directors at Swoosh English.
I work behind the scenes in many departments to make sure our courses are always improving.
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Stephen | IELTS/OET Teacher

Hi, I am Stephen. Before returning to the 2015, I lived in Beijing, China, for almost 15 years and during that time worked at a number of educational institutions.

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Suzanne | OET Teacher

Hi, I’m Suzanne a TEFL/OET teacher from London. I have been teaching English for the last number of years after completing the CELTA course in Mexico. I have worked in Mexico, London and now Spain.

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Russell | OET Teacher

Hello all, I’m Russell. I have been teaching English as a foreign language for over 25 years. I have taught general, business and technical English to all ages and have worked in several European countries and Japan.

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Luke | IELTS/OET/PTE Teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Luke, and I am a former IELTS examiner with just over 9 years of experience in preparing students for their IELTS, PTE & OET tests.

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Ann-Marie | OET/PTE Teacher

Hello everyone. My name’s Ann-Marie. I’m a qualified native English Language teacher from London, the U.K. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language to teenagers and adults in the U.K and Spain for more than seventeen years.

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Louise | PTE Teacher

Hi I’m Louise, I was born in the UK but since doing my TESOL diploma in 2007 I have taught in Japan, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia and for the last five years I have lived and worked in Romania.

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Ian | IELTS Teacher

Hi, my name is Ian and although I’m originally from the north of England, I currently live in the south of Spain. I have been teaching English at all levels and ages for almost 20 years.

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Helen | OET Teacher

Hi, I’m Helen, a retired nurse teacher and now an EFL/OET teacher based in the beautiful county of Dorset on the south coast of England.

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Alexander | IELTS/OET Teacher

Hello there, my name’s Alex and I have been teaching English for almost 9 years.
I taught in China for a year before moving to South America, where I spent 5 years teaching. I have spent the last 3 years in the UK teaching both online and at universities.During this time, I have taught IELTS, OET, Academic English, Business English and General English.

What Our Students Say

Meet the Team

Alex | Managing Director

Hi, I’m Alex, the Managing Director at Swoosh. Swoosh English was born out of a passion to help transform people’s lives through passing their English exams – whether that’s for work, study or to move to the country of their dreams.

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Bárbara | Course Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Bárbara, and I’m the Course Manager at Swoosh English and my job is to make sure
all the hard work from our academic directors and teachers is positively passed on to you.

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Jensel | Course Administrator

Hi everyone! My name is Jensel Samuel and I am from the Philippines. I am a professional virtual assistant working as a Customer Assistant and Course Administrator at Swoosh English.

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Jonathan | Business Development Manager

Hi, I am Jonathan Wilson from Hungary and I am the Business Development Manager at Swoosh. I am the dedicated Business Development Partner responsible for our Business Referral Partner Programs.

Desi | Marketing Co-Ordinator

Hi, I am Desislava and I am part of the marketing team here at Swoosh English. It is our job to look after all of the Social Media platforms and make sure that you all get to see the amazing free content Alex and the teachers produce.

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Sava | Marketing Co-Ordinator

Hi, I’m Sava. I’m a digital marketer from Bulgaria with a passion for football! I manage the email marketing and marketing funnels at Swoosh English to get the right message to you at the right time.

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Liam | Digital Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Liam Kingswell, Digital Marketing Manager here at Swoosh English. It is our job in marketing to improve your digital journey and ensure you have a pleasant online experience when engaging with us.

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Lou | Customer Support Assistant

Hello! I am Lou from the Philippines and I work as a Customer Support Assistant at Swoosh. To me, customer support means identifying the root of a customer’s problem and working to find a solution that surpasses their expectations.

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