NMC updates make passing the OET exam easier!

Are you a healthcare professional seeking to register as a nurse or midwife in the UK? We have exciting news! Passing your OET exam just got easier. 

The NMC English language requirement changes announced in 2022 launched on the 8th of February. You can now benefit from a little more support and greater flexibility with taking and passing your OET exam. 

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Ok, now let’s dive into how NMC changes impact you! 

Changes to combining OET exam scores

Firstly, it’s important to note that the NMC’s English language minimum score requirements for the OET have not changed; you will still need a minimum grade of C+ in writing and grade B in speaking, listening and reading in at least one test.

However, if you don’t pass the first time, you can resit and combine scores from two test certificates, and this is where the good news applies as the minimum scores accepted by the NMC when clubbing have changed, making it easier to pass.

You will now be able to combine scores from tests in which you have scored a half-grade below each of the required scores. So, that means you can score a C+ for Listening, Reading and Speaking, and C for Writing and still use that test to combine scores. Let’s take a look at some examples below:

Results clubbed to achieve a pass:

 Test 1Test 2
OET ListeningC+B
OET ReadingC+B
OET Writing C (250+)C+
OET SpeakingBC+

As you can see in each test they scored the required score in one test and a score that was half-grade lower in the other. When combined, you will have the score that you need! Do be aware, however, that in order for your test to be eligible for clubbing, your score for writing must be 250 or higher. 

Results that would not achieve a pass: 

 Test 1Test 2
OET ListeningC+C+
OET ReadingCB
OET Writing C (250+)C+
OET SpeakingBC+

As you can see in OET Reading in test 1 the C grade is a whole grade lower than the minimum requirement. In OET listening they have also achieved a C+ in both tests and therefore did not achieve the required B grade in at least one test. Therefore these results could not be clubbed. 

Wait, that’s not all. The period in which you can take and combine OET exam results has been extended from 6 to 12 months. You will now have an extra 6 months to book and prepare for your next OET test if at first you don’t succeed. While more time to study is certainly good new, we recommend you give yourself the absolute best chance to pass first time or the next time round and invest in your preparation with a premium preparation provider like us. You can get your dream preparation course  here.

Allowing for supporting evidence
The second change is the NMC has also begun accepting supporting information from employers as supplementary evidence of English language proficiency. For now, this applies to people who trained in English in a country where English is not a majority spoken language and who have worked for their employer for at least 12 months within the last two years, in a health and social care setting in the UK. You can find out lots more about the evidence requirements for this supporting evidence on the NMC website.

Are there any further changes coming?

Yes, later this year, the NMC will also start accepting employer-supporting information from people who have scored below the required OET grade in just one of the subtests. In 2023, the NMC will also make changes to automate this part of the application process to ensure you and your employers can provide your supporting information online. We’ll keep you updated when any new changes come into effect.

What should I do now?

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