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A member of our academic team will meet with you to explain how to use your course and start the process of matching you with the teacher who is best suited to your needs. 

Join 12 1-to-1 classes with your personal teacher for advice and practice which is going to unlock your OET fast pass!

Practice with mock exams designed by experts to replicate the real OET exam. Then watch post mock-exam analysis videos for a breakdown of the answers.

Get in-depth self-study video courses that cover reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Gain a detailed understanding of the exam format and how to complete each task.

Take a readiness tests on all skills and receive feedback from your teacher who will start to put your personalised study plan together based on your results.

Submit letters to your expert teacher, who will correct your mistakes and give feedback on what you’re doing well and how you can improve.

Join live classes on reading, listening, speaking and writing at a time zone that suits you with 10 classes available per week.

It’s time to meet your personal teacher to discuss your readiness test results and next steps. Leave this session with a clear study plan. 

 Test your speaking confidence and abilities by taking mock role-plays with your teacher. These are key to passing your OET speaking exam first time and fast!

Study grade A OET letters written by expert teachers to learn how you should write your letters to get high scores.

Learn from the mistakes of other students with this bank of previously corrected letters

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Get access to 12 video lessons on grammar fundamentals and practice materials to enhance your learning with each video. This course will make sure you don’t lose marks with silly grammar mistakes. 

Watch 10 video lessons focused on essential skills for OET Writing and practice and improve your writing in the video lesson activites. Learn how to structure your sentences, use cohesive devices, ensure appropriate genre and style and much more. 

Meet your teacher to discuss any of your last minute questions ahead of your exam and to discuss your strategy for exam day. Your teacher will boost your confidence and leave you feeling 100% ready for your exam after all your hard work. 

Watch 12 video lessons focused on essential OET vocabulary and complete quizzes after each lesson to consolidate your learning. This course will expand your range of vocab to get a high score in each OET sub-test.

We will support you with the process of booking your OET exam and ensure you save money by only booking your exam when you are ready. 

Improve your speaking skills and work on specific speaking skills needed to get a high score with 10 informative video lessons. Get expert advice on how to improve your fluency, organise your ideas and learn how to deal with speaking test nerves.

Get 24/7 support from our team and other students and alumni so you never feel alone in your exam preparation journey.  

Once you have your OET results, we aren’t going to leave you there. Meet your teacher to discuss the next steps on your journey towards your dream job. 

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