OET Intensive Package

Exam in less than 6 weeks?

Get prepared quickly and effectively with our one-month crash-course Intensive Package , including an exam readiness test, mock exams, writing corrections, live classes and much more….

NORMALLY $149 NOW $119.20

Valid 14th & 15th February

Expires Tuesday Midnight UK Time

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4 Self-study Video Courses on all subtests​

Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Self-study Video Courses

OET Exam Readiness Test​

Assess your English level to see whether you are ready to take the exam or not.

Letter Model Answer Bank​

Grade A OET letters written by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from​

15 Previously Corrected Letters

Bank of grade A & B previously corrected letters corrected by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from

8 Sets of Reading and Listening Mock Exams​

With post mock exam analysis videos.

8 Sets of Speaking Role-play Cards and 8 Sets of Writing Case Notes

90 Hours of OET Live Class Recordings

7 days a week Writing Corrections Service

15 Writing Corrections

Get the OET expert teachers to correct your letters and have them sent back to you within 24 hours

OET Live Writing Corrections Classes

2 letter correction group classes per week on how to improve your writing with real examples

Live Group Classes on all Skills

A flexible schedule with live class on all skills and the opportunity to attend 11 classes.

Speaking Mock Exam Live Group Classes

Practice your speaking and receive feedback from our UK native teachers.

VIP Facebook Group Support

24/7 from our support team of teachers and alumni students.

Access to Zoom Study Room Speaking Sessions

Student-led speaking sessions with the chance to practice your speaking skills and share tips with other students

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