The Complete Guide to OET Writing and Speaking (OET Podcast Ep. #1)

OET Writing and Speaking, OET exam Guide


This is the debut episode of the Swoosh English OET Podcast with UK English teachers Scott and Una. Today, they discuss some tips to improve your OET Writing and Speaking skills!  A fundamental understanding of the English language is the best way to get the marks you want in the OET.

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03:24 Tip #1: Communicate for a Purpose

• Have a motivation to write and practice (write letters, interact in forums, comment on social media, fill-up forms, send emails, etc)

• Writing these will encourage you to think about the tone that you have to use

• Ask yourself: have I conveyed my point accurately? Is there anything I did not understand?

• You will likely also compose follow-up replies as further practice

• Do not limit yourself to medical topics and explore things topics you want to talk about

• Breakdowns in communication always happen so it is better to encounter them during practice 

11:52  Tip #2: Seek out communities that speak English to practice

• Online options include,, and Skype

14:20 Tip #3: Use writing correction tools

• Spell-checker and grammar correctors like Grammarly are very useful and will tell you typographical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors and even sentence formulation errors 

16:34 Tip #4: Get specific and constructive feedback

• Comments from a native UK English speaking teacher provides invaluable feedback

18:18 Do not forget to review the fundamentals 

• These include the basic building blocks like the organization of your writing, grammatical devices, cohesive devices, spelling, linking of speech, intonation, word and sentence stresses, overall fluency, pronunciation)

What’s next?

• Check out the Swoosh English blog for more OET learning resources and study guides

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