OET Reading & Listening | How To Improve Your Score (OET Podcast Ep. #10)

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In this episode of the Swoosh English OET Podcast, UK English teachers Scott and Una discuss the OET Reading and Listening sections. They share OET-specific tips to improve your listening and reading score, as well as your overall English comprehension.
Read on to learn these simple study hacks and much more!

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 OET Reading tip: Read medical journals

 Check for new English words and notice sentence structure like linking words and phrases, conjunctions, transition words, etc.

Write down new words with their definitions, word families, synonyms, and pronunciation notes.

Try to read a journal and figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words within context.

Medical journal example: British Medical Journal

OET Listening tip: Listen to medical podcasts

Be sure to listen to podcasts with different accents.

Take down notes.

Medical podcast examples: ABC’s All in the Mind and BBC’s HealthCheck UK Live

Read newspapers and websites

Look up topics that interest you to make your reading fun and informative.

Listen to YouTube videos

You can find interesting videos in English on almost any topic that interests you.

Try listening instead of watching to avoid distractions, then watch again with video and then with subtitles.

Access graded content

 You can find graded content that is suitable to your level, at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You can also find more resources at https://www.sensationsenglish.com.

For more helpful tips on passing your OET Exam first time simply go to www.swooshenglish.com

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