OET Speaking – The Ultimate Guide (OET Podcast Ep. #7)

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In this episode of the Swoosh English OET Podcast, UK English teachers Scott and Una discuss the OET Speaking task. They provide an overview and helpful method to prepare for your exam.

Learn the basics of OET Speaking, how to role play and much more in this episode!

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01:42 OET Speaking Overview

This section lasts for 20 minutes in total where you need to complete 2 role-plays.

You have 3 minutes to plan for each role-play and 5 minutes to execute.

Before role-plays begin, there is a brief unassessed section for about 2 minutes where the examiner will ask you questions about your profession.

The role-plays are designed to replicate real-life medical situations where you are trying to comfort a patient regarding their medical issues.

05:00 Criteria for assessing your OET Speaking skills

• You are assessed on 9 different criteria for communication and linguistic skills:


1. Relationship-building

2. Understanding and incorporating

3. Providing structures

4. Information gathering

5. Information giving


6. Intelligibility

7. Fluency

8. Appropriateness of language

9. Resources of grammar and expression

10:58 Role play structure and method

Speak at a nice and natural pace without false starts.

Use the 3 minute preparation time to take out the essential information like patient profile and how they are feeling. Also, think of how you will express yourself too.

Take notes and be sure to ask open-ended questions.

Give a good opening to make the patient feel comfortable. 

Use sequencing phrases like firstly, after that, and then, next

For a final impression, you can repeat back the points that you made in a natural way.

Be sure to say goodbye.

21:08 Final tips: Work on the feedback that you have been given, have a vocabulary list and record yourself.

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