OET Writing: Grade Requirement Lowered in UK

A man practicing his OET writing because of the new OET Grade Requirement

Great news for those looking to come and work in the United Kingdom: the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) are lowering the Occupational English Test (OET) Writing requirement for nurses and midwives.

From January 2020, the NMC will accept a C+ grade in Writing – together with a minimum grade requirement of B for OET Listening, Reading and Speaking.

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This decision has been long-awaited ever since the NMC announced last year that they would be accepting an IELTS Writing band score of 6.5 (from 7). The NMC has taken the necessary steps to ensure that an OET Writing grade of C+ is equivalent to an IELTS Writing score of 6.5.

OET showed empirical evidence through a standard-setting workshop with NHS trusts saying that a C+ grade is sufficient for nurses in the workplace, the official OET site announced.

Swoosh English founder, Alex Melia, was in a celebratory mood as he had been campaigning to get the scores lowered. “The NMC has finally made the decision to lower the writing score to a suitable level for nurses to work safely in UK hospitals and nursing homes. I’m very pleased with this decision,” he said.

OET Grade Changes Make the UK More Attractive to Professionals

The NMC’s decision was followed shortly afterwards by the announcement that the PTE Academic qualification is now accepted for work and study visas to the UK. Together, these changes are expected to make working in the UK even more attractive to the world’s medical professionals and help ease the crippling staff shortages in the country.

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14 thoughts on “OET Writing: Grade Requirement Lowered in UK”

  1. Mary Hope De Guzman

    How about if I scored c+ in listening and reading but B in speaking and C+ in writing, is it still acceptable?

    1. Swoosh English Team

      Hi Mary, answering your question: No, it wouldn’t be accepted. You need to get a B in reading, listening and speaking and at least a c+ in writing. We would love to help you pass your OET exam so I’ve sent you an email from [email protected] 🙂

  2. Hi swoosh
    I got 350 inspeaking
    Writing 300
    Listening 320
    Reading 320
    For UK should I write all module only 2 modules

    1. Swoosh English Team

      Hi Sharal! You should check with the organisation to which you are applying as to what grades you need, but you will need to satisfy their criteria in all four subtests. If you don’t get the grades you need, you will have to retake the exam. Let us know if you need any further help.

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