OET Writing Grammar | How to use Articles & Connectors for a grade A (OET Podcast Ep. #5)

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In this episode of the Swoosh English OET Podcast, UK English teachers Scott and Una discuss grammar in the OET Writing. In particular, they talk about articles and connectors which are areas where students commonly make mistakes.

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Tip 1: Add articles to the case notes!

• Use articles with nouns 

• Is it a singular or a plural noun?

• “A” and “an” can only be used with countable nouns 

• “The” can be used with countable and uncountable nouns 

• Are we being general or specific? “The” refers to something specific, “a” and “an” refer to something general.

• Are we mentioning something for the first or the second time? For the first time, we are likely to use “a” and “an” and for the second time, “the” would be used.

• There will be more “a” and “an” towards the beginning of the letter.

Tip 2: Connectors in OET writing grammar

• A device that connects a sentence or two together 

• There are simple connectors and complex connectors 

• Connectors offer additional information (emphasize contrasting or similar meanings, show cause and effect, adding reason and showing succession) 

• Avoid: besides, furthermore, hence, aforementioned

• Be careful not to overuse connectors!

 Tip 3: Create a sample letter under timed conditions like in the OET where you only have 45 minutes.

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