New podcast makes NHS voices heard

The Podcast That Provides A Platform For Our NHS Doctors And Nurses To Share Their Untold Stories
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We have heard so much about how important our NHS has been since the global pandemic began. Doctors and nurses have regularly been thanked and celebrated for their great efforts during this difficult time.

But rarely have we heard from healthcare workers themselves the stories and challenges that frontline doctors and nurses face on a daily basis. The podcast “Our Voices” changes this by revealing the untold stories of healthcare workers across the country.

The podcast is hosted by Alex Melia, director of Swoosh English, who has spent the last 5 years helping to train doctors and nurses from around the world so that they can work in the UK. 

His focus is now on giving these people a voice using the power of audio stories: “As the NHS carry us through this third wave of the pandemic, love for our healthcare system is high, but we still rarely get to hear the individual stories of NHS staff. This series provides a look into the worlds of these brave individuals.”

An example of one of these brave individuals is Joan Pons Laplana, who once won the UK’s “nurse of the year” award.  He tells the story of how he helped to nurse a patient back to health following a motorcycle accident.

The experience completely changed his career, leading him to focus on patient-centred care: “Human connection is more powerful than any drug, or any machine…there’s nothing more powerful that you can do in life than making a difference to somebody else.”

The link to the first episode is here: https://link.chtbl.com/Our_Voices

Making sure that as many stories such as Joan’s are told is of personal importance to Alex Melia due to his and his family’s relationship with the NHS: “I have very strong connections to the NHS.  My sister, Claire, works as an NHS nurse in Greater Manchester.  My other sister, Sinead, is a healthcare assistant in a nursing home for disabled children.  Also, my father, Robert, works as an NHS healthcare assistant in Greater Manchester.  I also have direct personal experience of how important our NHS staff are.  I was cared for by the NHS after an accident I had at 8 years old and I will never forget the care that they provided.”

The series was created with the production company Fascinate Productions,( and features original music from Nicolas Alexander, who is known for his work on The Guardian’s news podcast Today in Focus.

The first episode of the podcast will air on 19th January 2021 and it will be available on Apple, Spotify and all other major podcast platforms.

If you are an NHS worker from overseas and would like to appear on a future episode of the podcast, please contact Alex Melia at [email protected]

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