Passing OET First Time with 4B’s – Eji’s Journey

The world of OET is full of colorful stories both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Anyone who has taken the exam knows that it is not easy to pass. And for many people, it’s taken them two, three, or even ten times to pass!

So, it’s always great to hear news of students sharing their test results and their stories about passing the first time like most of our Swoosh English students have done.

Meet Our Passing OET Student Eji From Kerala

In this article, our passing OET student, Eji from Kerala, India tells us about her inspirational journey of passing OET first time.
Before joining Swoosh, Eji studied in a local school in Kerala. Even after completing the course, she didn’t feel ready to take the OET. But that was all about to change when she found Swoosh English.
Read on as Eji shares about why she joined Swoosh English and what’s in store for her and her family now that she’s passed OET.

Eji’s Journey to Passing OET First Time with 4B’s

“Swoosh helped me a lot to achieve my goal. After completing my exam, I thought there was no hope of passing because it was just too difficult! But you know what, somehow I passed and this was the very first time that I took the exam. I was so happy! Writing was the most difficult part for me because I tried IELTS four years ago and I failed in writing. So I was pretty nervous about my OET writing.
I took an online course conducted by a local academy here in India and that was for one month. But, I still wasn’t confident enough so I chose Swoosh because I heard about good reviews from other students who passed with them.
When I decided to sit the OET, I checked on YouTube to find the best school and I found Swoosh. I saw that they are very successful in India, especially in Kerala and I went through their videos on Facebook. I felt confident that they could help me.
My teacher, Stephen, helped me a lot to correct and improve my writing tasks. I think I posted six or seven letters and he corrected all of them, so that was a great help for me.
I was able to learn more about what my level was and how to improve my writing. I discovered that a native English teacher can understand and guide us more and they can point out what the main issues and problems are that we as students face.
Now that I’ve passed OET my family and I plan to move to the UK which has always been my dream. My brother lives there, as well as my auntie and uncle, so I am excited to reunite with them soon! We are trying to move to the UK most probably next year. I would definitely recommend Swoosh English because they have helped a lot of people like me to achieve their goals. Thanks Swoosh!”

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Eji’s story teaches us about patience and determination.

And about having a good attitude toward each challenge we face in our OET journey. We hope her story about her OET preparation and OET test  inspires you.

If you’re planning to take the OET exam, like Eji, you don’t have to be alone in your learning journey. With us, you can have expert teachers to guide you and communicate effectively where you can better improve and how you can achieve your goals. We’ve got live group classes, speaking mock exam classes, video courses and writing corrections as part of our OET packages. Check out our OET courses for Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists and reach out to us for enquiries. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true!

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