Essential Exam Grammar

Our full Essential Exam Grammar Course will fully prepare you for all grammar-related aspects for your English language exam so you can go into it with confidence in your grammatical knowledge.


Essential Exam Grammar has been designed to ensure you have a solid grasp of the more complex grammatical structures that you will encounter or need to produce in all parts of your exam. Look below to find everything included in this package and see why this course will be valuable to you.

• Access to 4 hours of live lessons per week hosted by an expert exam grammar teacher.
• Post-class homework activities to consolidate knowledge of practiced grammar in the lesson.
• Access to recordings of ALL live classes, so you can catch up if you could not attend the lesson.


2 writing corrections on your exam of choice: IELTS, OET or PTE. These are fully graded by our expert teachers and will have feedback on the scoring criteria of the exam.

This course includes lessons on:

– Definite vs Indefinite Articles
– Collocations with Prepositions
– The Passive Voice
– Using Gerunds vs Infinitives
– Relative Clauses
– Perfect Tenses
…and much much more!


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