As a VIP student, you will get access to a wide variety of study materials, one-to-one classes with our expert OET teachers and lots more. Look below to see everything included in this winning package and decide if this is the right package for you.

    • 4 Self-study Video Courses on all subtests
      ✔ Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Self-study Video Courses
    • OET Exam Readiness Test
      ✔ Assess your English level to see whether you are ready to take the exam or not. 
    • Letter Model Answer Bank
      ✔ Grade A OET letters written by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
    • 40 Previously Corrected Letters
      ✔ Bank of grade A & B previously corrected letters corrected by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
    • 8 Sets of Reading and Listening Mock Exams
      ✔ With post mock exam analysis videos. 
    • 8 Sets of Speaking Role-play Cards and 8 Sets of Writing Case Notes
    • Unlimited OET Live Class Recordings
    • 7 days a week Writing Corrections Service
    • 20 Writing Corrections 
    • OET Live Writing Corrections Classes
      ✔ 2 letter correction group classes per week on how to improve your writing with real    examples
    • Live Group Classes on all Skills
      ✔ A flexible schedule with live class on all skills and the opportunity to attend 11 classes.
    • Speaking Mock Exam Live Group Classes
      ✔ Practice your speaking and receive feedback from our UK native teachers.
    • VIP Telegram Group Support
      ✔ 24/7 from our support team of teachers and alumni students
    • 3 One-to-one Classes
      ✔ Focus on your chosen skills with one of our expert OET teachers.
    • Access to Zoom Study Room Speaking Sessions
      ✔ Student-led speaking sessions with the chance to practice your speaking skills and share tips with other students

6 reviews for OET VIP Course for Nurses

  1. Jensel Samuel

    The OET program of Swoosh English is really helpful especially the letter corrections which prepare the students for the real exam. The online classes and mock exams are all useful to achieve your target scores in the test. I could say that joining their program is a great way to get a step closer to my dreams of becoming a UK registered nurse.

  2. Nelmie Canto

    Swoosh english review is amazingly helpful and very accommodating to all of their students. Thank you so much swoosh english for the continuous help and support.

  3. Ikemba Godwin

    I am glad starting on a good ground. Swoosh English is the best.

  4. Arnie Nuevo

    I am really thankful to SwooshEnglish as they have amazing teachers who can help me with my writing. Also, a very considerate staff who can help me with all my queries with a quick response. You can join SwooshEnglish and you won’t regret it.

  5. Riyah Sarah C. Macaraeg

    I have enrolled in Swoosh since January and ai can say that their training for OET preparation is one of the best. It covers an access to recorded zoom classes, which is great if youre unable to attend the class. Also, live speaking mock tests with the teachers and students was challenging, gives you stomach butterflies and thereby gradually build up your confidence and eliminate shyness and awkward feeling in the real exam. Trust me, this is my real experience.
    On top of that, one thing that I appreciate in my journey with is their writing correction part as this is the most gruesome subtest to many. Swoosh has been helpful in breaking down the casenotes to a chunck of information to make a good letter. No matter how difficult and confusing that casenotes is, their saga techniques works.

  6. Ivo Abia Aka (verified owner)

    I can’t find a word to say thank you for all the OET materials, especially the writing feedback correction that I am receiving. I believe I’m in the right place to my success for OET.

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OET VIP Course for Nurses

(6 customer reviews)
The VIP package is our most comprehensive, giving you absolutely everything you need to take your OET exam with confidence.  

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