Swoosh English IELTS Student Essay: Task 2 – 3

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Here is another IELTS writing task 2 article from one of our IELTS nurses. Look at what this student wrote and see if you can learn from their mistakes as well as the corrections our UK native IELTS teacher provided them with.

Q. Some people believe that it is bettestraight to university after secondary school. Others prefer to take a few years off to work before continuing their education.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these strategies?

Give support for your answer and include relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. 250 words.

It is a good thing that more people are born more thaen die. If they did not, n other case the population would soon disappear in more or less timeH The humanity is comesing from a single family. What would have happened if the population didhey do not increaserise continued? There would be just a single family oin the whole earth. The problem is that now, we are maybe too manychand not enoughless resources for of survivale.

This is a real problem because is no solution yet to resolve it. There il is no solution because, you cannot stop or forbid the people fromto makinge children. One example is China, where the government’s policy dido not resolvethe problem. One of the causes maycan be that, in_some countries, the government gives social aid tofor the large families (European countries). In some countries the birth rates are loweress thanbeside the  death rates, so the natural increase is negative. In theise countries, the government encourages birth rates financially the birth rates. Other causes can be psyichological or religiouse reaisoens, or unplanned pregnancy among the young people. These are about birth ratesOln the other hand, the death rate is less in comparisonration to the past because the medical system keeps the humans more safe fromor  the biological harms. In the pasta simple bacteria killed hundreids and thousands of people. One other reason can be the relative armistice (comparing to the first and second world war).

In my opinion overpopulation is a problem, yes, but not the greastest. Maybe one of the bigger problems is the selfishness, which and this can leadge to inequality of power (eg: money) and laeck of food for some people, not directly the too manymuch people.


Good job, Arthur. You have some good arguments and good organisation. Please look carefully at the changes I have made, and try to avoid some of these errors in your next essay. Pay particular attention to your spelling. ~6

Q: Write what your introduction paragraph would be to this question below.

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