The Role Play – Through The OET Interlocutor’s Eyes | OET Speaking (OET Podcast Ep.# 9)

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In this special episode of the Swoosh English OET Podcast. Scott and Una discuss Scott’s experience as an interlocutor for the OET exam.

They go through some questions about the exam. Share encounters with students.
And provide actual tips to help you become more ready and comfortable on the day of your exam!

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What is the role of an OET interlocutor?

The interlocutor takes the part of the patient on the day of the examination. They also have no say in assessing your performance during the role play.

What does an OET Interlocutor do on exam day?

Scott handled 15 students maximum in a day. He prepared the case notes, recorder, written notes and list of scheduled candidates before going through the interlocutor process.

The biggest challenge for an interlocutor

Putting a student at ease and showing them that the interlocutor is there to help them get the best marks can be challenging at times.

There was one instance of a student that was so nervous on the day that they really struggled to give their response and their score may have been negatively affected.

How can you best serve the candidate on the day of the test?

You do not want to add pressure to the student so it is best to smile, be patient and professional and give them useful information to replicate a real role play.

OET Speaking tips for candidates

To prepare, some top tips include getting experience on your own time by going through actual role-plays as practice, which includes mock speaking practice with a qualified OET teacher or study buddy.
Also, be sure to get feedback and fill the criteria as much as possible.

And do not forget to be as relaxed as possible! Do not rush through it.

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