NMC updates offer more flexibility in passing the OET exam.

Great news! Passing the OET exam has been made just that little bit easier due to changes to the NMC’s English language requirements. But what are those changes, you ask? Read on to find out.

What has changed?

There are 2 major changes to the NMC’s requirements:

  1. The first change concerns the ways in which OET exam scores can be combined or “clubbed”.
  2. The second change allows employers to provide supporting information as proof of a nurse’s language proficiency.

Making combining your OET scores more flexible

Let’s focus on the first change in a little more detail. Combining your OET exam scores, or “clubbing”, has now become much more flexible. This is because, whereas currently, you can only combine the scores of OET exams taken 6 months apart, this will soon be extended to 12 months. That means you will have a whole extra 6 months to book and prepare for your OET test if you don’t get the exact scores you need on the first go.

There is also greater flexibility in the type of results that can be combined. Right now, it is only possible to combine scores from test results in which you have scored no lower than a C+ in all of the subtests. But, once the changes come into effect, you will be able to combine scores from tests in which you have scored a half-grade below each of the required scores. So, that is: C+ for Listening, Reading and Speaking, and C for Writing. Do be aware, however, that in order for your test to be eligible for clubbing, your score for writing must be 250 or higher. 

 Look at the following example to see how scores will be able to be combined in order to pass the OET test.

 Test 1Test 2
OET ListeningC+B
OET ReadingC+B
OET Writing C (250+)C+
OET SpeakingBC+

Above you can see that all scores are within a half-score of the required sub-test grades. When combined, you will have the score that you need!

 Allowing for supporting evidence
The second change that the NMC has made is to allow employers to provide supporting information to confirm a nurse’s English speaking proficiency. This supporting evidence can be used for nurses who have done their nursing training in English in a non-majority English speaking country. It can also be used for nurses who have just scored below the required OET grade in one of the subtests

When will these changes happen?

An exact date has not yet been announced but it is confirmed that the changes will occur in 2023.

What should I do now?

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