As a Deluxe student, you will get access to a wide variety of study materials, live group classes with our expert OET teachers on all skills and lots more. Look below to see everything included in this extensive package and decide if this is the right option for you.

    • 4 Self-study Video Courses on all subtests
      ✔ Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Self-study Video Courses
    • OET Exam Readiness Test
      ✔ Assess your English level to see whether you are ready to take the exam or not. 
    • Letter Model Answer Bank
      ✔ Grade A OET letters written by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
    • 20 Previously Corrected Letters
      ✔ Bank of grade A & B previously corrected letters corrected by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
    • 6 Sets of Reading and Listening Mock Exams
      ✔ With post mock exam analysis videos. 
    • 6 Sets of Speaking Role-play Cards and 8 Sets of Writing Case Notes
    • 80 Hours of OET Live Class Recordings
    • 7 days a week Writing Corrections Service
    • 10 Writing Corrections 
    • OET Live Writing Corrections Classes
    • 2 letter correction group classes per week on how to improve your writing with real    examples
    • Live Group Classes on all Skills
      ✔ A flexible schedule with live class on all skills and the opportunity to attend 11 classes.
    • Speaking Mock Exam Live Group Classes
      ✔Practice your speaking and receive feedback from our UK native teachers.
    • VIP Telegram Group Support
      ✔24/7 from our support team of teachers and alumni students.

4 reviews for OET Deluxe Course for Doctors

  1. Sidra Sana

    I consider myself lucky enough to enroll with the Swoosh english and it helped me alot not only in achieving my required scores but also in improving my day to day professional conversation.Undoubtedly, they have an incredible team of teachers who helped me alot specifically in improving the areas where i were lacking. They provide an excellent platform to practice and communicate effectively with the other members and teachers as well. Off course a blend of dedication,hard work and consistency along with the right guidance was the only key that enabled me to get through in all of the modules..all the best to those who want to achieve maximum in a limited time frame..good luck

  2. Yasir Umar

    Thank you Swoosh for helping me clear OET Medicine (4 B’s) in First attempt. Live sessions and the exam material available in the deluxe package was more than enough to understand the exam. The correction service is super fast and spot on. It really helped me improve my writing.

  3. Iqra Malik

    Shoutout to everyone at Swoosh English for the incredible work that they’re doing. The main focus of my preparation was the writing subtest and I am very grateful for the feedback that Mr. Russell Field gave on the writing corrections.

  4. Beauty Hatibaruah

    I am extremely grateful to Swoosh English for their guidance in my OET journey, which I passed in the first attempt with 4 Bs. Their videos, live classes , mock tests , all were very helpful. With regular practice in live classes and feedbacks from teachers, I felt very confident to face the exam. Thank you very much Swoosh team.

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OET Deluxe Course for Doctors

(4 customer reviews)
The Deluxe package is a popular choice for those seeking writing corrections and access to all live classes.  

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